Danger (2005) - Full Length Telugu Film Watch online

Swati as Lakshmi


Karthik (Sairam Shankar), Satya (Allari Naresh), Ali (Abhishek), Lakshmi (Swathi) and Radhika Reddy (Shireen) are childhood friends. They set out to a farmhouse for a party to celebrate the prospective marriage of Lakshmi. On the way they collide with a police vehicle and speed away to the party happening in the outskirts of the city. The policemen in the vehicle are badly hurt and one of them takes note of the car number which hit them. The police raid the party in search of the owners of the car. Panic raises among the crowd and the group consisting of the five friends escape from the party and in process of avoiding the chasing cops, they get lost in the Vikarabad forest. There they tumble upon a ghastly incident where a man is taking the live of a toddler as part a sacrificial ritual and black magic. Ali shoots the entire episode with his video camera. It is revealed that the man (Siva Prasad) who killed the toddler is Gattayya, a politician who believes that using black magic can make him successful. The group gets discovered by the politician while filming the ritual. With the goons of the politician chasing them, the group escapes from there. A corrupt cop Raju Nayak (Satya Prakash) is hired by the politician to search for the group. The group cannot return to their homes because the police are still looking for them at their respective houses. The group struggles with the situation and finally emerge victorious when they upload the video that was recorded to the internet. Raju Nayak is killed by the Commissioner of Police and Gattayya is arrested.


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